Going on a inspection trip is the absolute best way to find the right home and to purchase securely and directly from the construction companies. We will show you  projects of different trustable companies and the current supply of housing available according to your wishes. We will ensure that you see a selection of properties within your given criteria and price range and re-visit any that you want to go back to as often as you like.

Each viewing trip is specially arranged to meet the particular needs of each individual client, varying in duration from one to seven days long where you will stay in one of our homes or our Boutique Hotel Lemon Villa for free. Viewing trip is FREE if it result in a purchase order. In that case we will repay your ticket cost for two people (max 1000 EU). Viewing trips are tailored almost always depending on the preferences you have. You are free to book a trip with an optional travel agent if you want. Then – in good time before departure, please contact us and provide us with the information we need to arrange your viewing. You will then receive a confirmation from us as to when the display is to take place.

On arrival to the airport, our Clients are meet by our local representative, who accompanies them to their hotel and confirms the arrangements for the following day.
During the inspection trip, our Clients are guided by one of our English , German or Russian speaking guides. You visit as many properties as practically possible.
In the case you decide to go ahead and purchase We can even asist you to open a bank account and visit an English , Russian or German speaking solicitor to advise on your purchase, so that you can complete all the necessary paperwork before returning home.


To arrange an inspectation trip please contact us.