TAPU is the official document proving ownership

TAPU is the official document which shows you have ownership rights over the property. The owner’s name, photograph and detailed information of the property appear on the document. This official document is supplied and provided by TAPU Office. All the procedures concerned TAPU are registered and archived by the directorate. The TAPU has to be sealed with the stamp in the central part at the bottom of the document. In most cases a picture of the owner is placed on the top-right corner of the TAPU and sealed as well. All the procedures of conveyance are followed and fixed by Yekta Homes’experienced staff.

The TAPU description:

1.    Cadastral coordinates of the land (plot) where the property is located.

2.    The title holder’s picture

3.    The cadastral record information of the land.

4.    The availability of land (status at the cadastral general management).

5.    The square meters the new owner will have

6.    The numbers of the independent section the new owner will have

7.    The price of the property registered in TAPU Office

8.    The previous owner’s information

9.    The new owner’s information

10.    The date of the property purchase by the previous owner

11.    Registration number of the title deed (the number of the title deed changes every hand)

12.    The new record information of the title deed

13.    The new owner’s property purchase date

14.    The authorized general directorate person’s signature and stamp



RED TAPU : is given when the apartment is finished.

BLUE TAPU : is given to empty land area.

TAPU (Title Deed)